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Advantages and disadvantages of traditional air conditioning


1. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional air […]

1. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional air conditioning installation:
1. The installation operation is simple, there are no particularly complicated steps, only need to follow the installation instructions can be completed step by step, the requirements for the site is not very strict.
2. Although the installation is simple, some parts of the air conditioner require special attention. The connection port of the air conditioner refrigerant and the electrode interface of the power cord should be noted. Installation errors will cause problems.
Second, the advantages and disadvantages of traditional air conditioning maintenance:
1. Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioner filter, everyone knows that if the filter is not cleaned and maintained, the air conditioner will have an odor when it is used, and even the effect is not very obvious, which will greatly increase the consumption of air conditioner refrigerant, that is, the air conditioner Cause damage, and harm to the air conditioner itself, in severe cases will cause burnout.
2. When the air conditioner is not in use, it will accumulate a lot of dust, and it must be wiped clean before use, so as to prevent the air conditioner from quickly inhaling the dust on the air conditioner when it is used again, and ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner.
3. The maintenance of air-conditioning fan blades also needs attention, especially in winter, if the protective measures are not enough, bad weather in winter will cause the wind turbine blades to freeze and crack, so that the air-conditioning operation has no effect, so it needs to Take good anti-freezing measures, and at the same time take measures for man-made damage. It is better to add a protective layer on the outside of the host, so that it is more secure.
4. Refrigerant is an important part of air conditioner. If there is no refrigerant, the air conditioner can't cool down and heat up. Therefore, regularly check whether the refrigerant of the air conditioner is sufficient or whether the refrigerant contains residue. If the refrigerant is insufficient, it needs to be added in time. If the refrigerant contains residue, you need to replace it with a new refrigerant to ensure that the air conditioner can get normal. run.
5. Once the air conditioner is abnormal and people who do not understand it, it is not easy to distinguish where the problem is, and it is easy to travel when it is used during the summer peak period. These are the shortcomings of the air conditioner.


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