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Air-cooled screw chiller heat pump unit

Air-cooled screw chiller heat pump unit

The air-cooled screw heat pump unit is a central air-conditioning unit that uses air as the cold/heat source and water as the carrier. As an integrated equipment for both cooling and heating, the air-cooled heat pump eliminates the need for cooling towers, water pumps, and water pumps on the cooling side compared to water-cooled units. A variety of accessories such as boilers and corresponding piping systems have simple system structure, save installation space, convenient maintenance and management, high efficiency and energy saving, especially suitable for areas with lack of water sources. The air-cooled screw heat pump unit is usually a centralized and semi-centralized central air-conditioning system composed of terminal devices such as fan coils and air-conditioning boxes. It has the advantages of flexible layout and diverse control methods. The air-cooled screw heat pump unit has a large single unit capacity and is especially suitable Used in shopping malls, hospitals, apartments, factories, office buildings, etc.

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Air-cooled screw chiller heat pump unit Details

◆Using the "W" type condenser, the high-efficiency internally threaded copper tube and the ultra-thin aluminum sheet are tightly combined through mechanical expansion, and the heat transfer effect is good. The dual high-efficiency economic circuit design improves the cooling efficiency.

◆Using high-efficiency screw-type refrigeration compressors, reliable and stable operation; low vibration and low noise; strong adaptability to various harsh conditions of air-cooled heat pumps; simple maintenance; high operating efficiency.

◆The energy of the unit performs PID intelligent adjustment according to the load condition, so that the operating capacity is in line with the actual load, so as to improve the working efficiency of the press and reduce the power consumption.

◆Adopt self-adjusting intelligent defrosting mode, defrosting is accurate and effective to avoid heat consumption.

◆Microcomputer control, easy operation and more reliable operation.

◆The unit adopts a fan with low speed, large air volume and low noise. ·The compressor uses a sound-proof cover attached with sound-absorbing cotton to insulate noise.

◆Adopt international well-known brand valves to ensure the grade and quality of the products.

◆The unit is equipped with multiple protections such as high and low pressure, antifreeze, oil temperature, oil level, overload, internal overheating, underphase and reverse phase, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

◆The large refrigeration unit adopts multi-compressor system design, low starting current, excellent standby function and excellent partial load performance.

◆The unit can operate normally between -15°C and 48°C.

◆All units have passed test operation before leaving the factory to ensure good condition.

◆The cooling capacity of a single module ranges from 100kW to 550kW, which can realize multi-module combination, which is more suitable for clubs, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, apartments, factories, office buildings and other occasions.


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