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Air cooled screw high efficiency five- functional unit

Air cooled screw high efficiency five- functional unit

Wellcome air-cooled screw high-efficiency five-purpose machine is a high-tech product specially developed for special occasions such as hospitals, laboratories, high-precision machine rooms, etc. Reasonable matching combination realizes high energy efficiency, five kinds of use functions, and meets customers' multiple use requirements.

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Air cooled screw high efficiency five- functional unit Details

The high-efficiency internally-threaded copper tube and aluminum louver spoiler are used to tightly bond the copper tube and the aluminum sheet through a mechanical expansion tube to exert the best heat transfer effect. The total heat transfer coefficient is 67% higher than that of ordinary coils. The tablets are treated with hydrophilic and anticorrosion, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the condensed water film during heating operation, reduce the thermal resistance of the water film, and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the coil. Both the evaporator and the condensation coil have higher heat transfer efficiency to increase The cooling (heating) capacity of the unit reduces the input power.

Both the evaporator and the condensing coil have high heat transfer efficiency to increase the cooling (heating) capacity of the unit and reduce the input power.
The capacity of the unit can be intelligently adjusted according to the load condition, so that the operating capacity matches the actual load, so as to improve the working efficiency of the compressor and reduce power consumption.
Using self-adjusting intelligent defrost mode, the defrost is accurate and effective to avoid heat loss.
The latest internally-threaded high-efficiency heat-exchange tubes are used. The heat transfer coefficient is 1.3 times that of ordinary high-efficiency heat-exchange tubes. The evaporation and condensation in the tubes have high heat transfer efficiency to ensure the unit's good cooling and heating performance. In the cooling + hot water mode, the unit can provide hot water for free while providing cold water, and no cooling tower is required, which greatly improves the energy utilization rate and operates economically and reliably. The cold and heat pump unit is an energy-saving operation mode.
The unit has multiple functions, one machine is multi-purpose, saving investment, reliable control and flexibility. The perfect combination of air conditioning and domestic hot water is achieved, with the dual advantages of hot water and air conditioning. Customers can provide a variety of operation modes such as cooling, heating, cooling + hot water according to their needs.
◆ Intelligent Defrosting System
The unit adopts an intelligent reverse cycle defrosting method to thoroughly defrost and shorten the defrost time. At the same time, adaptive technology can be used to automatically correct and adjust the conditions and parameters of the next defrost according to the ambient temperature and the last defrost time.
◆ Reliable performance
Using ALCO, SPORLAN, DANFOSS, SAGINOMIYA and other European and American high-quality refrigerant system components, the quality is stable.
The electrical components are all famous brands such as SIEMENS and OMRON with reliable performance.
The unit is equipped with a variety of protection devices such as high and low pressure, antifreeze, oil temperature, oil level, overload, internal overheating, and lack of phase inversion to ensure the unit's safe operation.
The condensing fan adopts a step-by-step air volume control system. The unit operates normally at an ambient temperature of 15 to 45 ° C during cooling and at an ambient temperature of -10 to 21 ° C during heating.

◆Control System
Local network is realized through simple communication line connection.
Automatic fault diagnosis and protection. Operation and energy management functions.
Chinese character menu and triple password.
Remote monitoring.
◆Simple installation and easy maintenance
Before leaving the factory, the unit has completed the charging of refrigerated oil and refrigerant, and completed the commissioning and testing in accordance with national standards and corresponding factory standards. The site only needs to connect water pipes and power sources, and can be put into use to provide users with frozen water and heat water.
Unit automatic control system: automatic fault diagnosis and protection, operation and energy management functions.
◆low noise
Using the latest semi-hermetic screw compressor, the operation is stable and reliable, and the noise and vibration are small.
The unit adopts low-speed and low-noise axial flow fan, which has higher fan efficiency.
The compressor is isolated from noise with sound insulation (optional).


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