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Air cooled screw chiller

Air cooled screw chiller

Hicon air-cooled screw chiller is a high-tech product. Reasonable matching combination realizes high energy efficiency, five kinds of use functions, and meets customers' multiple use requirements.

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Air cooled screw chiller Details


◆ Working Condition: 15~45℃ cooling and -10~21℃ heating

◆multiple functions, such as cooling, heating, cooling + hot water, etc. 

◆ efficient and energy-saving

◆ low noise

◆ easy control and remote monitoring

◆ automatic fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

◆ easy installation and maintenance


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp air-cooled screw chiller is used in:

*hospitals, laboratories,

*high-precision computer rooms, etc.



Hisurp air-cooled screw chiller has:

◆ semi-hermetic screw compressor, stable and reliable operation, low noise and vibration.

◆ refrigerant system components from ALCO, SPORLAN, DANFOSS, SAGINOMIYA and other well-known brands

◆ electrical components from well-known brands such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB, LS, etc.

◆ intelligent defrosting system: thorough and quick defrosting.

◆ a variety of protection devices such as high and low pressure, antifreeze, oil temperature, oil level, overload, internal overheating, etc.

◆ high-efficiency internally threaded copper tube and aluminum louver spoiler are used to make the copper tube and the aluminum sheet tightly joined by a mechanical expansion tube to give full play to the best heat transfer effect. The total heat transfer coefficient is 67% higher than that of ordinary coils.

◆ aluminum fins with hydrophilic and anticorrosive treatment, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the condensed water film during heating operation, reduce the thermal resistance of the water film, and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the coil. 

◆ the latest internal-threaded heat exchange tube, the heat transfer coefficient is 1.3 times that of the ordinary tube.



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