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Modular Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller

Modular Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller

Hisurp modular air-cooled scroll chiller is a central air-conditioning unit that combines cooling, heating, boiling water, and other functions. It doesn't need a cooling tower compared to water-cooled units, especially suitable for areas lacking water sources. Water pumps, boilers and corresponding piping systems and other accessories.

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Modular Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 30~130kW

◆ Heating Capacity: 31~135kW

◆ multi-functional, capable of cooling, heating, and boiling water

◆ could heat in low temperature -25℃, highest water temperature 65℃

various refrigerant choices

water system, more airflow and balanced supply

microcomputer control, automatic troubleshooting

dust-proof and anti-corrosion

energy-saving and eco-friendly

easy installation & control, safe and silent

modular, flexible combination and customized

remote control


Applicaiton Scenarios:

Hicon Modular Air-cooled Scroll Water Chiller is widely used in:

*shopping malls and supermarkets

*hotels and resteraunts

*cinemas and theatres

*commercial premises with an area of less than 3000 m²

*industrial workshops



Hicon modular air-cooled scroll chiller has:

◆ high-quality compressors and other components from famous brands

◆ professional performance test passed

◆ unique supercooling circuit, completely solve the winter defrosting problem of air-cooled heat pump and improve heating efficiency

◆ chilled water system, offering balanced air supply with small temperature difference and large air volume; keep the relative humidity at 40%-70%, making the indoor environment more comfortable

◆ with an automatic troubleshooting system, and automatically balances the wear of the compressor; when heating, it can automatically determine the frosting status and defrost in time.

protecting meatures such as high and low pressure sensor, antifreeze, anti-overheating, anti-undervoltage, anti-overload, etc.


Diagram Preview(HACHW-45/50):

Types available:

*standard modular type

*partially heat recovery type

*five-functional type

*EVI - low temperature type

*customized (different refrigerants, combinations)


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