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air-source heat pump water heater unit

air-source heat pump water heater unit

Ningbo Huikang Industrial Co., Ltd. multi-function pool heat pump series is a product specially developed for indoor swimming pools. It integrates pool water heating, dehumidification and air conditioning into one, and recovers and comprehensively uses energy to overcome many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment. The change of operation modes in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons achieves energy-efficient operation. The working principle of the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump is, in short, to recycle the evaporation heat loss from the surface of the pool water and transfer it to the pool water and air to make up for the heat loss from the pool water and air, and to achieve the function of air conditioning and dehumidification. Its working procedure can be roughly divided into two steps: In the first step, warm and humid air flows through the evaporator, the temperature drops, and the warm water vapor condenses into cold water droplets to separate from the air, making the air dry and achieving the function of air dehumidification; The thermal energy (latent and sensible heat) released during the condensation and cooling of water vapor is absorbed by the refrigerant.
In the second step, the heat energy absorbed by the refrigerant first (latent heat) heats the pool water through the heat exchanger to achieve the pool water heating function; the waste heat (sensible heat) heats the cooled indoor air through the air condenser to achieve the air insulation function.
Since the heat energy will be transmitted through the envelope structure and replaced with fresh air, when the heat energy generated by the multi-functional pool heat pump is insufficient to meet the requirements, the auxiliary air heater can be used to supplement the heat energy required for indoor heating. As long as it provides its own operating power, the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump can continuously run in accordance with the above working procedures, and achieve a harmonious balance of the three functions of "pool water heating, dehumidification, and air conditioning" with lower energy consumption.

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air-source heat pump water heater unit Details

◆ Not affected by environment, available all year round
The product runs 24x7x365, and is not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain and snow.
◆ Safety
Top safety water and electricity separation, high pressure protection, heat pump overheating and overload protection, water temperature and ultra high temperature protection, automatic reset control. Install intelligent fault alarm system to detect faults in time and protect the unit.
◆ Energy saving
Heating efficiency is up to 400%, running cost is 1/4 of electric water heater, 1/3 of gas water heater, 1/2 of fuel water heater.
◆ Fully automatic control
Microcomputer central control mechatronics, heating, water supply, replenishment fully automatic operation, ready to use 24 hours a day.
◆ durable
The shell is made of high-quality steel plate with electrostatic spray treatment, and is carefully manufactured, does not fade, can adapt to various harsh weather conditions, and is rust-proof and waterproof. Joint-venture brand compressors (Sanyo, Daikin) with a product life of more than 15 years.
◆ Convenience
The unit can be installed outdoors, such as roof, ground, etc., to achieve remote monitoring, small footprint, simple installation, no need to set up a separate work room.
◆ Simplified design and easy installation
The product has two types of integral and modular, which can be added flexibly according to user needs.
◆ Heating range
Heating capacity from 3.5KW-680KW, widely used in apartments, duplex buildings, villas, schools, bathing places, etc.


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