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Cabinet fan coil unit

Cabinet fan coil unit

After years of research and development, Wellcome brand cabinet air-conditioning units have developed ultra-thin ceiling type (BG), ordinary type ceiling type (DG), horizontal type (WG), vertical type (LG) and multi-stage combined type ( ZG) and other series of products. It can fully realize various functions such as cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, and purification, and can meet the various requirements of different users for the temperature, humidity, flow rate, cleanliness and freshness of the indoor climate environment. It has the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, high efficiency, low noise and low vibration. The product has strong adaptability, excellent design, full series, sports economy, reliable performance, easy installation and simple operation.

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Cabinet fan coil unit Details

The processing air volume ranges from 1000m3/hg to 60000m3/h, and the cooling capacity ranges from 6.67KW to 775.45KW. As a comfortable air conditioner, it can be widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and other occasions; as an industrial workshop air conditioner, it is also It can meet the needs of various industries such as electronics, chemical fiber, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, medical care, food, and light industry.


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