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Cabinet Fan Coil Unit

Cabinet Fan Coil Unit

Hicon cabinet fan coil units have ultra-thin ceiling type (BG), ordinary type ceiling type (DG), horizontal type (WG), vertical type (LG), multi-section combined type (ZG) and other series of products. It has various functions such as cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, and purification. It can meet various requirements of users over the temperature, humidity, flow rate, cleanliness and freshness of the indoor environment. 

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Cabinet Fan Coil Unit Details


◆ Air Volume: 1000~60000m³/h

◆ Cooling Capacity: 6.67~ 775.45kW

◆ multi-functional

◆ high efficiency and low noise

◆ reliable performance

◆ various choices and customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon cabinet fan coil unit can be used in:

*hotels, theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings and other commercial spaces 

*workshops in various industries such as electronics, chemical fiber, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, medical care, food, and light industry.


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