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Combined Air Handling Unit

Combined Air Handling Unit

The ZK series combined air handling unit can complete several processing functions of conveying, mixing, heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtering, muffling, etc. Functional sections can be combined in sections according to users' needs, with diverse functions and flexible combinations. It does not have cold and heat sources: the refrigerant is cold water and the heat medium is hot water. 

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Combined Air Handling Unit Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 31.6~1800kW

◆ Heating Capacity: 47.3~2460kW

◆ Air Volume:5000~200000m³/h

◆ modular parameter: 100mm;

◆ multifunction available

◆ low air leakage and reliable performance

◆ low noise

◆ customized


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp combined air handling unit AHU is widely used for:

*metros, airports

*hotels, restaurants, gyms and stadiums, theaters, shopping malls, warehouses

*exhibition halls, CBD buildings and other commercial spaces

*medical, chemical, electronics, textile, cigarettes, and food industries with specific needs

*precision machinery manufacturing,  cosmetics, nuclear power plants etc.




Hisurp combined AHU has:

◆heating, cooling, filtering, (de)humidification, muffling, disinfection, heat recovery etc.

◆ copper tube double-flanged aluminum fin condenser and mechanical tube expansion, which helps to reach high heat transfer efficiency.

◆ branded fan with high efficiency and low noise. Together with motors from domestic famous brands, with long service life and low energy consumption.

◆ detachable modular structure, easy installation and transportation.

◆ polyurethane foam spray panel, good heat isolation, and anti-corrosive.

◆ frame structure made of high-quality aluminum alloy, double-layered panel, cold-rolled outer plate sprayed with plastic; color composite steel plate also available.


Diagram Preview:


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