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Remote jet unit

Remote jet unit

The jet cabinet air treatment unit is an advanced air conditioner unit developed by our company based on the original cabinet air conditioner unit to meet the needs of users. Application occasions: industrial plants, various venues, multifunctional halls, shopping malls, large supermarkets, logistics storage, waiting rooms, waiting halls, etc. Especially suitable for large space, especially for large area workshop under warm air. The thermal calculation of the air-conditioning unit is the same as that of the ordinary air-conditioning unit. The design and selection are mainly based on the calculation of the air flow organization.

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Remote jet unit Details

The unit has the functions of cooling and heating, and can achieve direct air supply over a long distance without ducts. It has the characteristics of saving space, greatly reducing one-time investment, and low operating costs. The unit adopts a spherical nozzle with superior performance as the air outlet, and the air supply angle can be adjusted manually within 60 degrees or using the controller, so that cold and hot air can reach the required position, creating a comfortable air-conditioning environment. The outlet direction of the spherical tuyere can be horizontal air supply or vertical downward air supply.


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