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Direct expansion combined air handling unit

Direct expansion combined air handling unit

The Zk series direct expansion combined air handling unit is a new generation of air conditioning unit with its own cold source specially developed by our company with comprehensive advanced technology to meet the characteristics of the domestic market and the special needs of the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial fields. It transforms the traditional design of chillers and combined air-conditioning boxes, and changes the original complex dual-water system (chilled water and cooling water system) to an anhydrous system. This structural design simplifies the composition of the system and improves the refrigerant Evaporation temperature reduces engineering construction and equipment operating costs, improves work efficiency and energy saving effects, and is a classic that embodies simple and efficient design ideas.

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Direct expansion combined air handling unit Details

◆Main features of direct expansion combined air handling unit: both beautiful appearance and high performance. Quiet operation, shockproof, easy maintenance, convenient assembly, disassembly and transportation. The structure adopts anti-oxidation and anodized profiles. Equipped with heat-insulating rubber strips to minimize the heat transfer of the cold bridge and prevent condensation on the outer frame of the profile. The panel adopts double-layer foamed panel, the outer layer is sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate, the inner layer is high-quality galvanized steel plate, and the interior adopts the technology of injecting polyurethane foam material. The frame and the panel are precisely matched to form a smooth surface. In terms of design, all cabinet screws are hidden in the cabinet, the cabinet is beautiful and flat, with good heat insulation performance and low air leakage rate.

◆Box body: It is made of a panel and a pole-treated aluminum profile frame with a panel thickness of 30mm (30mm thick plates can also be provided according to user requirements). The panel and the frame are tightly combined, the structure is compact, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth and flat, which is beneficial to reduce dust deposition and facilitate cleaning. The panel adopts a double-panel structure, an internal foaming agent insulation sandwich panel, a medium-thick outer panel spraying and a stainless steel panel, and a structure with glass wool insulation in the middle.

◆Frame: Composed of aluminum alloy strips. The inner sleeve steel plate glass fiber ABS rubber angle is connected with self-tapping screws. The bottom frame is welded with rigid or bent parts, and has three specifications of 63, 80, and 100mm in height.

◆Air inlet: aluminum alloy regulating air valve is used, and air valves with sealing gaskets on the upper edge of the valve blade and the edge of the panel can be supplied according to needs. When the regulating valve is placed outside the box, the air valve is installed on the frame of the air-conditioning box, otherwise it is installed on the panel of the air-conditioning box.

◆Mixing box: It can be equipped with two or three air to mix and install the air valve. If the air valve is not needed, a flange or cover plate can be provided there, and the cover plate can be opened according to the size of the user.

◆Filter: The choice of filter determines the quality of air that can be processed. We can provide different types of filter screens and characteristic parameters for selection. At the same time, we can choose to equip some accessories according to user requirements, such as fluid pressure regulating valve, micro pressure difference indicator, etc. Filter types include: primary effect filter, medium efficiency filter, all aluminum and stainless steel air filter, high efficiency HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, electrostatic filter.

◆Heat exchanger: The finned coil heat exchanger is an important part of the air handler. The coil can exchange heat between the primary fluid (gas or liquid refrigerant) and the air to reach the required temperature (and Humidity) status. The type of coil is refrigerant direct expansion coil. Each cold coil is equipped with a condensate water pan. The standard coils can be 2, 4, 6, 8 rows, and the fin pitch is 8, 10, 12 pieces/inch. For the number of asymmetric rows, the number of slices and the connection method, please consult the manufacturer.

◆Electric heating: Electric heating is used for heating in winter and dehumidification in summer. It is inconvenient to provide hot water or dry steam heating in a traditional way. It has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, small size and so on.

◆Humidifier: When the humidity needs to be controlled, a humidifier should be installed. The types of humidification include dry steam humidifier, electrode humidifier, electric humidifier, wet film humidifier, etc.


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