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Fresh air heat recovery exhaust

Fresh air heat recovery exhaust

"Huikang" brand new air ventilator is a new product developed on the basis of cabinet air conditioners. This product keeps the structure of cabinet air conditioners solid, sealed, beautiful, low noise, small vibration, easy to install and operate. Simple and so on. The heat recovery efficiency is 70%, which is an ideal energy-saving device.

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Fresh air heat recovery exhaust Details

◆ The unit handles air volume of 200m3 / h to 16000m3 / h. Its main components are composed of a heat exchange core, a low-noise fan, a box, and an initial effect filter. The fresh air duct and the exhaust air duct are arranged crosswise. The heat exchange core The body is fixed by a special "W, V" type guide rail, which has good air tightness, so that the air ducts do not interfere with each other to ensure that the fresh air is fresh and clean, and meets the currently increasing sanitary requirements. Widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, laboratories, computer rooms, entertainment venues and other occasions. According to the requirements of different air-conditioning systems and engineering occasions, the unit can be divided into three types: home (J), hoisting (floor) (D), and vertical (L).


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