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Integrated water-cooled chiller

Integrated water-cooled chiller

Hisurp integrated water-cooled chiller integrates the computer room, refrigeration host, cooling tower, cooling water pump, chilled water pump, and pipeline valves and control devices into an integrated device. It can be used on-site only by connecting water pipes and power supply, with no need for a device room, directly placed on the roof or other open-air spot.

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Integrated water-cooled chiller Details


◆ space-saving and easy to install and maintain

◆ modular design

◆ optional heat recovery function, 5% more efficient,

◆ high EER

◆ reliable performance

◆ troubleshooting

◆ various choices (refrigerants etc.) and customized


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp integrated water-cooled chiller is used in:

*hotels, malls, CBD buildings and other commercial spaces



Hisurp integrated water-cooled chiller has:

◆ matched screw compressor, high-efficiency condenser, evaporator and expansion valve

◆ refrigerant system accessories from ALCO, SPORLAN, DANFOSS and famous brands.

◆ reliable electrical control components from SIEMENS

◆ branded PLC controller and easy interface

◆ multiple control functions such as status display, parameter setting, energy control, and fault query.

◆ real-time monitoring and multiple protections such as water flow, anti-freezing, low pressure and water temperature monitoring to ensure reliable operation.




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