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Integrated water-cooled chiller

Integrated water-cooled chiller

The integrated water-cooled chiller integrates the chiller room, chiller, cooling tower, cooling pump, chiller pump and cooling station system piping equipment and measurement and control devices, making the design, installation and commissioning of the central air-conditioning system very simple. It does not need to set up an air-conditioning machine room, it is directly placed on the roof or other open ground and connected to the main power supply and air-conditioning system water pipes, and then it can be put into operation.

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Integrated water-cooled chiller Details


The unit adopts screw compressor, high-efficiency condenser, evaporator and expansion valve. The four components are perfectly matched. The unit can be equipped with heat recovery function. When heat recovery function is selected, the efficiency of the unit can be increased by 5%, and the energy efficiency ratio is high: water cooling The energy efficiency ratio of the unit is about 30% higher than that of the air-cooled unit, saving operating costs;

◆Easy to install and maintain

The unit integrates the computer room, refrigeration host, cooling tower, cooling water pump, chilled water pump, and pipeline valves and control devices into an integrated device. It can be used on site only by connecting water pipes and power supply.

The unit can be equipped with its own protective machine room, which can be directly placed outdoors without the need for a separate control machine room.

The control interface directly displays the fault content, which is convenient for understanding and troubleshooting the fault in time.

Modular combination; users can set parameters according to actual operating conditions to achieve the best operating results.

◆Cost saving

The unit can integrate engineering accessories and refrigeration host control together, which can reduce the engineering electric control cabinet and increase the stability of control.

The unit has a compact structure, takes up less space, and can be flexibly placed.

Initial investment is small.

◆Stable quality and reliable performance

The unit is equipped with multiple protections to ensure reliable operation of the unit.

Real-time monitoring and control of high and low pressure, exhaust temperature, operating current, water temperature and other parameters can ensure the safe operation of the unit.

Multiple protections such as water flow, anti-freezing, low pressure and water temperature monitoring can completely avoid the possibility of freezing and cracking of the evaporator tube.

Using ALCO, SPORLAN, DANFOSS and other European and American brand refrigerant system accessories, the quality is stable. The electrical control components are all well-known brands such as SIEMENS, with reliable performance.

◆Intelligent Management

The unit adopts famous brand PLC controller and humanized operation interface.

The unit control system can be connected to the central control system, so that customers can understand the operating status of the unit at any time.

It has multiple control functions such as status display, parameter setting, energy control, and fault query.

The unit can be adjusted in a wide range to match the actual air-conditioning load and improve the performance of part load.

◆A variety of refrigerant options to meet the different needs of customers

The unit can also provide R407C, R410A, R134a and other refrigerants according to customer needs.


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