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Multifunctional swimming pool heat pump unit

Multifunctional swimming pool heat pump unit

The multifunctional swimming pool heat pump series of Ningbo Hicon Industry Co.,Ltd. is a product specially developed for indoor swimming pools. It integrates pool water heating, dehumidification and air conditioning. It recovers a large amount of energy and comprehensively utilizes energy to overcome many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment. The operation mode changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving operation. The working principle of the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump, in short, is to recycle the evaporation heat loss from the surface of the pool water and transfer it to the pool water and air to compensate for the heat loss of the pool water and air, and at the same time achieve air conditioning and dehumidification. The working procedure can be roughly divided into two steps: In the first step, warm and humid air flows through the evaporator, the temperature drops, and the warm water vapor condenses into cold water droplets and separates from the air to make the air dry and achieve air dehumidification; at the same time, air cooling , The heat energy (latent heat and sensible heat) released in the process of water vapor condensation and cooling is absorbed by the refrigerant.
In the second step, the heat energy absorbed by the refrigerant first (latent heat) heats the pool water through the heat exchanger to realize the pool water heating function; the waste heat (sensible heat) passes through the air condenser to heat the cooled indoor air to realize the air insulation function.
Since the heat energy will be transmitted through the enclosure structure and lost by the fresh air, when the heat energy generated by the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump is not enough to meet the requirements, the auxiliary air heater can supplement the heat energy required for indoor heating. As long as it provides its own operating power, the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump can continuously circulate according to the above working procedures, and achieve a harmonious balance of the three functions of "pool water heating, dehumidification, and air conditioning" with lower energy consumption.

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Multifunctional swimming pool heat pump unit Details

◆The unit adopts anti-oxidation and anode-treated profiles in structure. Equipped with heat-insulating rubber strips to minimize the heat transfer of the cold bridge and prevent condensation on the outer frame of the profile. The panel adopts double-layer foamed panel, the outer layer is sprayed with cold-rolled steel plate, the inner layer is high-quality galvanized steel plate, and the interior adopts the technology of injecting polyurethane foam material. The frame and the panel are precisely matched to form a smooth surface. In terms of design, all cabinet screws are hidden in the cabinet, the cabinet is beautiful and flat, with good heat insulation performance and low air leakage rate.

◆Heat exchanger:

a. The material used for the swimming pool water heat exchanger should be titanium alloy products. The counter-flow design provides the greatest heat exchange benefit and can use all recovered heat energy as pool water heating.

b. The air side uses aluminum fins and copper tubes with high corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the air in the pool from corroding the heat exchanger.

◆The unit adopts advanced intelligent control technology, full Chinese large-screen LCD backlight display, easy-to-operate humanized interface, precise microcomputer control system; multi-level password protection to prevent misoperation; with intelligent display of operating status and expert fault diagnosis functions ; Record the running time of each main component; set parameters for automatic protection. Just one touch. You can enjoy the comfort and coziness brought by the pool space.

◆The high-efficiency and energy-saving scroll compressor is located outside the airflow, so that maintenance personnel can perform necessary maintenance on the refrigeration cycle without turning off the unit. The compressor is installed on a rubber shock absorber base to reduce noise and vibration.

◆The fan adopts forward-curved multi-wing centrifugal double-suction impeller. The impeller has been tested for dynamic balance and has no noise and vibration during long-term operation to ensure a high air supply effect. The belt pulley drive can flexibly change the air volume of the unit, the external residual pressure and other parameters to facilitate Matching with the actual project; the fan comes with a motor adjustment board, which can easily adjust the belt tightness.

◆Temperature and humidity sensor: use high-quality imported high polymer humidity sensor as humidity measurement component, platinum thermistor as temperature sensitive component, equipped with precision instrument operational amplifier, special VI chip and other signal processing circuits to convert the temperature and humidity in the environment The corresponding standard signal has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high measurement and display accuracy, fast response speed, and good long-term stability.

◆Low-voltage electrical components:

High standards: in line with IEC60947-4-1 and GB14048.4 standards.

Long life: mechanical life up to 20 million times; electrical life up to 2 million times.

Strong adaptability: "TH" protective treatment, can be used in hot and humid environments.

Wide voltage: The coil control voltage fluctuates between 70%-120% Uc, which does not affect the normal operation of the product.

Strong versatility; with 50Hz-60Hz universal coil, it can be used all over the world.

Modularity: Auxiliary contacts, power-on/power-off delay contacts, mechanical locking and other modules can be attached to the product body.


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