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Rooftop air conditioner unit

Rooftop air conditioner unit

The roof unit is an integral air-cooled direct evaporative cold and hot air air conditioning unit. It is named because it is mostly installed on the roof. In fact, they are often installed in outdoor venues around air-conditioned rooms. Compared with the water-cooled cabinet machine, because it does not need to install the cooling water system, it is easier to install than the water-cooled cabinet machine. It is especially suitable in areas with water shortage. Compared with the air-cooled cabinet machine, due to the overall structure, the system pipeline length is shortened, thereby improving the refrigeration efficiency and improving the system reliability. Because the whole machine is installed outside the house, it does not occupy valuable indoor space, and Noise during operation of the indoor inorganic group.

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Rooftop air conditioner unit Details

◆Complete form and function
The roof unit produced by our company can be selected as single cooling type, heating and cooling heat pump type, single cooling plus electric heating type, or single cooling plus steam (hot water) heating type according to different user requirements and working conditions, which can be expanded by function , It can also humidify, purify and so on.

◆Easy installation and maintenance

The roof unit produced by our company adopts a fully enclosed compressor. The compressor and the air supply fan have vibration damping devices. The operation is quiet, so the installation basis of the unit is simple. In addition, the unit has been rigorously tested and adjusted in the factory. After the unit is installed, you only need to connect the inlet and return air ducts and the power cord, and then it can be put into use. In the right place, there is a maintenance door for easy maintenance. In addition, the random group provides a double-layer washable primary filter. Disassembly and cleaning are simple and convenient.

◆Does not occupy the indoor area, and the noise during the operation of the indoor inorganic group;

◆The roof unit, compressor and system components produced by our company are all selected from famous brand manufacturers. They are strictly tested and adjusted before leaving the factory. The unit has high and low pressure protection, overcurrent protection, phase sequence protection and other functions with high reliability. Durable

◆The roof unit produced by our company has two structures, aluminum profile frame structure and sheet metal frame structure, both of which are sturdy and beautiful in appearance;

◆The roof unit produced by our company is controlled by a microcomputer, displayed on a large LED LCD screen, has the function of timing switch, real-time clock display, etc. Optimized unit monitoring logic, well-designed unit operating data and fault alarm full code query and prompt functions, easy to operate.

◆The cooling capacity ranges from 24KW to 220KW, which is widely used in various large-space civil, commercial buildings and industrial plants; such as large conference centers, stadiums, exhibition centers, large supermarkets, theaters, electronic plants, etc. Especially in places with higher requirements for noise or inconvenient places for indoor installation. Especially suitable for rooftop units.


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