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Water-cooled scroll chiller

Water-cooled scroll chiller

Hisurp water-cooled scroll chiller uses a cooling tower (groundwater, river water, lake water and other surface water can also be used) to dissipate heat. The unit runs with high efficiency and precise temperature control, and the unit also has a compact structure, it is very suitable for the choice of air conditioners for small and medium-sized owners.

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Water-cooled scroll chiller Details


◆ precise temperature control

◆ energy-saving

◆ space-saving and easy installation

◆ low noise


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp water-cooled scroll chiller is used in:

*office buildings, CBD buildings

*small and medium-sized commercial spaces




◆ high horsepower scroll compressor from internationally famous brands, not sensitive to system liquid return, which enables the unit to operate stably even under large load changes.

◆ independent refrigeration systems for each compressor

◆ multi-compressor parallel unit. When the load decreases, stop one unit, and the other compressors continue to run at full load without reducing the efficiency, more energy-saving.

◆ high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchangers made of threaded copper tubes for evaporators and condensers, so that the unit has a greater tolerance for impurities in the water system.

◆ high-performance expansion valve, filter drier, gas-liquid separator and other refrigeration accessories from famous brand 

◆ electrical components are selected from well-known brands

◆ microcomputer control



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