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Scroll water-cooled chiller

Scroll water-cooled chiller

This series of products is a scroll-type water-cooled chiller introduced to adapt to single-refrigeration air-conditioning in small and medium-sized commercial, office buildings or factories. The unit uses a cooling tower (ground water, river water, lake water and other surface water can also be used) to dissipate heat. The system units all adopt scroll compressors and high-horsepower scroll compressors that conform to the market trend. The operation of the unit is controlled by a microcomputer controller. The unit runs with high efficiency and precise temperature control, and the unit also has a compact structure and occupies With the advantages of less land, simple installation, convenient use, and low noise, it is very suitable for the choice of air conditioners for small and medium-sized owners.

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Scroll water-cooled chiller Details

◆The "heart" of the unit: choose the international famous brand scroll compressor, compared with the traditional reciprocating compressor, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, simple operation and long service life. Compared with reciprocating piston compressors, scroll compressors are not sensitive to system liquid return, which enables the unit to operate stably even under large load changes.

◆Multi-compressor parallel unit has the advantage of high energy efficiency when running at partial load. When the load decreases, stop one or more of the parallel units, and the other compressors continue to run at full load without reducing the efficiency of the unit. Compared with screw compressors, parallel units solve the problem of reduced unit energy efficiency during partial load operation, and the economic benefits of operation are obvious.

◆ Both the evaporator and condenser adopt high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchangers made of threaded copper tubes, so that the unit has a greater tolerance for impurities in the water system. Equipped with high-performance imported famous brand expansion valve, filter drier, gas-liquid separator and other refrigeration accessories, so that the performance of the whole machine is excellent.

◆All types of water-cooled chillers are intelligently controlled by a microcomputer, and the electrical components are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad. And has the function of remote linkage, cooperates with engineering installation, and is convenient for users to use

◆Each compressor of the unit has an independent refrigeration system, which does not affect each other and is standby for each other. When one of them fails, the unit can continue to provide refrigeration, ensuring the safety of the user's air conditioning.

◆Because the moving parts of the unit are only compressors and are fully enclosed, they do not need to be replaced during the life of the unit, so the unit needs to be replaced with fewer wearing parts and maintenance.


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