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Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Hisurp Water source heat pump unit refers to the use of water circulating in shared pipelines, water drawn from wells, lakes or rivers, or water circulating in underground coils as cold (heat) sources to produce cold (heat) Wind or cold (hot) water equipment. It can be connected to the user's separate electric meter, and the user will bear the electricity bill for the air conditioner. As for the energy consumption of the cooling tower or auxiliary heating device, it can be allocated to each household and collected. As long as the water pipe and power supply are connected, the unit can be put into operation.

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Water Source Heat Pump Unit Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 3.0~3680kW

◆ renewable and clean solar energy, eco-friendly and energy-saving

◆ not affected by the weather, reliable performance

◆ high EER 

◆ multi-functional, could cool & heat, heat recovery and hot water etc.

◆ easy to use and control


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp water source heat pump unit is suitable for places needing heating and air-conditioning, such as:

*shopping malls, schools, office buildings,

*entertainment venues 



Hisurp water source heat pump unit has:

◆ multi-compressor design, small starting current, with good backup and excellent part load performance.

◆ semi-closed single screw compressor design, advanced load balancing principle, with a design life up to 100,000 hours.

◆ independent systems, even if one unit fails, the operation of other units will not be affected. 

◆ microcomputer control, automatic




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