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Container Air Conditioner

Container Air Conditioner

Hicon container air conditioner is a strictly tested product for applications in mobile container-type electric control rooms, offshore platforms and other equipment. The E-houses and power modules generate a large amount of heat, so the unit is placed outdoors. It can withstand high temperatures and is dust-proof and rain-covered. In order to ensure safety and reliability, a forced cooling system is specially set up to independently control the internal environment.

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Container Air Conditioner Details


◆Cooling Capacity: 2.56~68.6kw

◆SHR>8.5, COP>2.5 

◆year-round cooling

◆dual cooling & heating system

◆dehumidification if needed

◆dust-proof: fresh air micro-positive pressure function

◆shift switching function

◆automatically start again after power-down

◆special techniques on anti-corrosion

◆monitoring and microcomputer control

◆professionally customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon container air conditioner is widely used in:


*offshore platforms or coastal terminals electrical rooms

*battery energy storage compartments

*oil exploration and transmission electrical rooms, oil rig offshore drilling and support vessel, drilling rig petroleum pump offshore platform

*railway and highway communication IoT base stations, telecom base stations

*military square compartments

*electrical facilities carried in form of containers (standard compartments)



Hicon container air conditioner

high-quality multi-wing direct-drive centrifugal fan, rapid and balanced cooling

good fully enclosed scroll compressor, with high energy efficiency

high-performance condensing axial flow fan, F-class insulated motor and internal temperature sensor, ensuring safety, efficiency, large air volume, and long-time working

corrugated hydrophilic film aluminum fins heat exchanger with large sheet pitch, which can also be dustproof

external balance thermal expansion valve throttling control, which has a wide range of adapting to the temperature, sensitive and rapid response, and high reliability


Diagram Preview (Self-contained External Cabinet Vertical - V/S Parallel Connect Type):

Types Available:


Self-contained Semi-inset Type

Self-contained External Wall-mounted Type

Self-contained Inset Cabinet Vertical Type

Self-contained Top-mounted Type

Self-contained Ceiling-mounted Type

Self-contained External Cabinet Horizontal - Parallel Connect Type

Self-contained External Cabinet Vertical-V/S Parallel Connect Type

Self-contained External Wall-mounted Type- Fresh Air Cooling- For IoT Base Station

Split Cabinet Vertical Type

Split - Standing & Hanging Type

Split Cabinet Vertical - T/U Parallel Connect Type


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