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Planting Container Air Conditioner

Planting Container Air Conditioner

Hisurp planting container air conditioner is a strictly tested product for applications in agriculture cultivation. The basic working principle of this container vegetable planting system is to simulate short-cycle climate change in a closed container and to establish the environmental conditions of light, temperature, water, air, and fertilizer required for the full growth cycle of the plant.  It is suitable for extreme and harsh environments and can function in a variety of scenarios to provide an uninterrupted supply of vegetables for complex environments, greatly improving logistical support.

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Planting Container Air Conditioner Details


◆Cooling Capacity: 2~55kW

◆high SHR, EER

◆year-round cooling, dual cooling & heating system

◆not being affected by the external environment

◆precisely control the temperature, humidity, airflow speed and cleanliness in the container according to the plant growth cycle

◆automatically start again after power-down

◆special techniques on anti-corrosion

◆monitoring and microcomputer control

◆professionally customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon container air conditioner is widely used in:

*planting containers

*experimental planting rooms in schools, universities, etc.




Hicon container air conditioner

high-quality multi-wing direct-drive centrifugal fan, rapid and balanced cooling

good fully enclosed scroll compressor, with high energy efficiency

high-performance condensing axial flow fan, F-class insulated motor and internal temperature sensor, ensuring safety, efficiency, large air volume, and long-time working

corrugated hydrophilic film aluminum fins heat exchanger with large sheet pitch, which can also be dustproof

external balance thermal expansion valve throttling control, which has a wide range of adapting to the temperature, sensitive and rapid response, and high reliability




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