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Container air conditioner

Container air conditioner

Hicon container air conditioner is carefully designed, adopts advanced production technology, and strictly inspected when leaving the factory to ensure that the unit has excellent performance and high reliability. It is a refrigeration product specially developed for the application environment of mobile container-type electric control rooms and other equipment. The customer integrates a variety of inverters, inverter power supplies, and control cabinets in a container unit that can be easily transported and moved. Because the inverter components and power modules generate a large amount of heat, the unit is placed outdoors, taking into account the high temperature, dust and rain protection of the environment. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the system, a forced cooling system is specially set up to independently control the internal environment. This product has high reliability, simple and convenient installation, and can work after power-on, without complicated debugging.

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Container air conditioner Details


◆Using high-quality multi-blade direct-drive centrifugal fan, with internal temperature protector, directly and effectively protecting the safety of the motor, low vibration, low noise, etc., powerfully circulate the air, and achieve the effect of rapid and uniform cooling;

◆Using excellent fully enclosed scroll compressors, with high energy efficiency, a wide range of adaptable working conditions, and good reliability;

◆Using high-performance condensing axial flow fan, F-class insulated motor, with internal temperature protector, directly and effectively protecting the safety of the motor, high efficiency, large air volume, and long life;

◆The outdoor unit of the unit adopts a high-efficiency corrugated aluminum fin heat exchanger with a large sheet pitch, which can simultaneously improve the ability to resist dirt and dust while meeting the heat exchange capacity;

◆The unit adopts a general-purpose temperature controller and a full-mechanical strong electric control circuit, which has the characteristics of good accessory versatility, easy maintenance and replacement, and high reliability;

◆The unit adopts external balance thermal expansion valve throttling control, which has a wide range of adapting to the ambient temperature, sensitive and rapid response, and high reliability.

◆Connect the power cord and control line at the bottom of the indoor unit, connect the copper pipe of the indoor unit and outdoor unit, and connect the indoor unit condensate drain pipe. The drain pipe specification is Φ9mm. The fixed screw hole is reserved for installation, and the frame panel structure is convenient for installation and maintenance. .


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