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The Hicon dehumidifier series is a dehumidification equipment developed and designed by our company to remove moisture from the air based on the introduction of advanced design concepts. It is widely used in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, tobacco and petrochemical industries, subway stations, In the aerospace field, purification engineering, laboratories, telecommunication equipment rooms, archives, food rooms, pharmaceutical or film workshops, special glass manufacturing and other places with dehumidification requirements The product adopts imported high-quality refrigeration accessories, with stable and reliable performance, low noise, simple appearance, beautiful appearance, small size, balanced and flexible installation and other advantages.

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Dehumidifier Details


◆Temperature dehumidifier:

While dehumidifying the ambient air, due to air-cooled condensation heat dissipation, the temperature of the outlet air is higher than that of the inlet air, causing the ambient temperature to rise slightly.

◆Temperature dehumidifier:

The product condenser has two sets of systems, one of which is to control and adjust the dehumidification environment and temperature to ensure that the ambient temperature meets the requirements during the dehumidification process. The air-cooled thermostat type has an outdoor unit, and the water-cooled thermostat type uses a water-cooled condenser without an outdoor unit. The water-cooled temperature control type must provide a cooling water source.

◆Cooling dehumidifier:

Use an outdoor condenser or a water-cooled condenser to discharge the heat generated during the dehumidification process to the outdoors, so that while the indoor environment humidity decreases, the temperature also decreases.


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