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Direct Expansion Air Conditioner

Direct Expansion Air Conditioner

Hisurp direct expansion air conditioner includes return air type and fresh air type. According to the customer's requirements, it can be added functions such as multi-fan, continuously adjustable airflow, anti-corrosion coating etc. It is placed outdoor for space-saving, is rain-covered and has also technique against sun rays and corrosion.

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Direct Expansion Air Conditioner Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 25.5~360kW

◆ Heating Capacity: 27.4~400kW

◆ low noise

◆ reliable performance

◆ good heat insulation and less air leakage

◆ anti-vibration, silent and easy installation

◆ professionally customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon direct expansion air handling unit is DX cooling unit widely used in:

*industrial workshops in pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, food, garment industries

*waiting and longue rooms in railway/train station, airport

*apartments, CBD buildings, exhibition halls and meeting rooms

*schools, cinemas, theaters and hospitals

*hotels, malls, supermarkets and other commercial buidings



Hicon direct expansion air conditioner/ DX cooler has:

◆ compressor, expansion valves, heat exchangers, fans and electrical components from well-known brands

◆ composite steel and aluminum frame with higher hardness. 83.7% harder than aluminum and 63.9% harder than steel.

◆ box deformation <4mm/m under 1000Pa, European standard D1

◆ self-contained stainless steel drain pan, good heat isolation


Diagram Preview (26-32HP):


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