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Electric-panel cooler unit

Electric-panel cooler unit

The electric cabinet air conditioner adopts the principle of phase change refrigeration. The compressor discharges high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant into the condenser, and is forcedly cooled to a high-pressure and medium-temperature liquid refrigerant. After throttling, it enters the evaporator and absorbs the electrical control box through phase change The heat in the gas becomes gas, and then enters the compressor, which fully cools the hot air in the electric control box, thereby reciprocating the circulation to make the working environment temperature of the electric control box effectively controlled. Because the air inside and outside the cabinet does not circulate during the cooling process , Isolate the entry of external dust, make electrical and electronic components work under the conditions of stable temperature and clean environment, fundamentally solve the problem, improve the reliability and stability of the electrical control system, reduce the probability of failure, and prolong The life of the electronic control system.

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Electric-panel cooler unit Details

◆With temperature adjustment function: the user can set the working temperature in the electrical control box by himself according to the needs, the method is mechanical control. Temperature adjustment range: (+ 20 ℃ ~ + 38 ℃);
◆ With the function of dehumidification and temperature reduction, it can ensure the ideal humidity and temperature in the electrical control box;
◆ Using high-quality external rotor vortex centrifugal fan, compact structure, large air volume, high static pressure, low vibration, low noise and other characteristics, it can effectively circulate the air in the cabinet to achieve the effect of rapid cooling;
◆ Using a fully-enclosed rotary compressor, which has high energy efficiency, low power consumption, and unique vibration damping measures. The compressor can barely feel the movement of the compressor when it is started;
◆The unit adopts high-efficiency internally threaded tube-covered aluminum fin-type heat exchangers, which enhances the heat exchanger capacity and improves the energy efficiency ratio of the unit;
◆ The unit's condensing side is equipped with a standard primary effect filter, which effectively prevents the inhalation of dust, oil and debris, so as not to affect the use of heat exchangers and fans, which improves the stability and life of the system;
◆ The air outlet on the cold side is equipped with a corresponding air baffle, which can change the wind direction of the unit and better control the temperature in the electrical control box;
◆ The unit has a separate condensate drainage channel, so that no excessive accumulation of condensate is generated in the unit;
◆ Flexible installation, simple structure and convenient maintenance;
◆ The plastic panel is used on the outside of the product, which makes the appearance of the unit more beautiful, and the unit is small in size and light in weight.


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