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Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosures

Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosures


◆Cooling Capacity: 300~3500W

◆temperature adjustment range: +20℃ ~ +38℃;

◆mechanical temperature control

◆cooling and dehumidification, ensuring the humidity and temperature

◆energy-saving, silent and anti-vibration

◆dust-proof with separate circulation systems and filters, keeping the air clean

◆professionally customized

◆Japanese Kouwakougyo Co., Ltd had Hicon as a base factory for panel coolers. 

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Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosures Details

Application Scenarios:

Hicon panel cooler is widely used in:

*electrical enclosure/electrical control panel

*CNC control cabinet

*CNC machining center

*production line control cabinet

*telecommunication equipment cabinet, telecom device cabinet

*SPC(stored program control) exchange cabinet



Hicon electrical cabinet air conditioner has:

◆ high-quality external rotor centrifugal fan, with large air volume, high static pressure and low noise; powerfully circulate the air in the cabinet, cooling rapidly

◆ fully-enclosed rotor compressor, with high energy efficiency, low power consumption; no obvious compressor vibration when starting up

◆ internally threaded pipe sleeve aluminum fin heat exchanger, with a high EER(energy efficiency ratio)

◆ standard initial effect filter on condenser, which prevents dust, oil and debris from disturbing heat exchangers and fans

◆ air outlet baffle that can change the direction of the air outlet, better and balanced control of the temperature

◆ a separate drain channel for condensate to prevent excessive accumulation of condensate in the unit;


Diagram Preview (H-1000):


Types Available:


wall-mounted type: semi-recessed type; recessed type;

top-mounted type;

various shapes


Company Profile


Ningbo Hicon Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosures manufacturers and China Air Conditioner for Electrical Enclosures suppliers, Established in 1972, HICON has entered the refrigeration industry for more than 40 years, is experienced and growing rapidly and firmly.With certifications in China 3C, ISO-9001 international quality system, ISO-14001 environmental management system, the European Union CE, and the United States UL, the company adheres to the principle of "Creating Value Beyond The Price" and has received favorable feedback domestically and abroad.
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Ningbo Hicon Industry Co.,Ltd

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