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Electrolytic aluminum air conditioner

Electrolytic aluminum air conditioner

The special air conditioner for electrolytic aluminum is used in the electric room and driver's cab of the multi-function driving in the electrolytic aluminum workshop. The aluminum electrolysis workshop has the characteristics of high temperature, high corrosion, large dust, strong vibration, etc., especially the workshop produces a large amount of hydrogen fluoride gas, which is converted into strong acid (hydrofluoric acid) when encountering the condensed water on the air conditioning system, which causes serious corrosion to the air conditioner. The environment is very harsh.

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Electrolytic aluminum air conditioner Details


◆The special air conditioner for Wellcome electrolytic aluminum is based on the working environment and process requirements of the electrolytic aluminum workshop. It has concentrated on international advanced design concepts and high-standard production processes, and has been tested by the company's national test and inspection center.

◆Assembled with a set of special anti-vibration technology of special crane air conditioner;

◆The evaporation side adopts large air volume and small baking difference to increase the evaporation temperature of the evaporation side and realize less condensation on the evaporation side;

◆The large distance on the condensing side ensures that dust is not adsorbed. Special technology and professional design are used to keep the air conditioner running stably under specific working conditions and prevent hydrofluoric acid from reacting with hydroelectric corrosion;

◆Using unique formula anti-corrosion treatment, the service life of the unit is more than three times that of conventional products. At present, it has begun to support electrolytic aluminum enterprises in batches.


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