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Grain Cooling Unit - HLK Series

Grain Cooling Unit - HLK Series

The industrial air conditioner for the granary (Grain Cooling Unit - HLK Series) cools the grain storage warehouse to ensure a constant temperature in the grain warehouse and meet the requirements of grain storage temperature and humidity. At the same time, it solves the problem of chemical corrosion in grain storage,  dust problem, and the problem of the dehumidification effect of the air conditioner during the operation of the grain quality and water retention.

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Grain Cooling Unit - HLK Series Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 7.8~22kW

high SHR, keep the grain & corp in good condition

designed for standard granaries and balanced air supply

efficient dehumidification function

dedicated anticorrosion coating



Applicaiton Scenarios:

Hicon Grain Cooler is widely used in:

*granaries and barns, grain storage

*food storage



Hicon gain cooling unit has:

◆ high-quality components from famous brands

◆ dedicated anti-corrosion coating against phosphine; enclosed motor; surface of the indoor temperature detection sensor with anti-corrosion coating.

◆ using a diversion nozzle air supply design, the farthest air supply distance is 24 meters.


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