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Grain cooling unit air conditioner

Grain cooling unit air conditioner

The Grain cooling unit special air conditioner for the granary is to cool down the grain storage to ensure that the grain storage has a constant temperature and meet the requirements of the grain for the storage temperature.

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Grain cooling unit air conditioner Details

◆ Special air-conditioning for granaries uses anti-corrosion coating to reduce the corrosion of phosphine. The motor is sealed and the lead wire is sealed with resin to prevent hydrogen sulfide from entering the motor. Install the control circuit used outdoors where the hydrogen sulfide gas is not easily accessible. The surface of the sensor for indoor temperature detection is coated with a hundred lithium high anticorrosive coating.
◆ Granary special air conditioner adopts the design of large air volume and large heat exchanger with high sensible heat ratio. According to test data, when the unit is running, the cooling capacity of the unit directly used for air cooling is 90% (sensible heat ratio), while the ordinary air conditioner unit is Only 65-70%, so the special air conditioner for the granary can effectively reduce the loss of moisture in the grain, and at the same time reduce the temperature, well preserve the moisture content of the grain.
◆The width of the standard grain storage is 24 meters, and the dedicated air conditioner of the grain warehouse adopts a diversion nozzle design. The effective air supply distance is 16 meters, and the furthest air supply distance is 24 meters, which can meet the uniform supply of the entire grain storage. Wind requirements.


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