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High temperature heat pump unit (dryer)

High temperature heat pump unit (dryer)

Hisurp high-temperature heat pump dryer drives the compressor to run by consuming a small amount of electric energy. The high-pressure liquid working medium evaporates into a gaseous state in the evaporator after passing through the expansion valve, and absorbs a large amount of heat energy in the air. The gaseous working medium is compressed by the compressor to become The high-temperature, high-pressure gas then enters the condenser to release heat and heats the drying medium.  In this process, a share of energy (electric energy) is consumed, and heat is absorbed from the outdoor ambient air and transferred to the drying medium. The efficient refrigeration system design, energy-saving operation, and the use of As for the electric dryer, 3/4 of the electricity is saved.

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High temperature heat pump unit (dryer) Details


◆ low, medium and high temperature drying methods (20℃/65℃/80℃)

◆ multi-functional

◆ energy-saving and clean, pollution-free

◆ keep the material from being deformed, cracked, discolored, degraded, oxidized, getting thoroughly dried, rehydrated after drying, less nutrient loss, and has a long storage period. 


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp high temperature heat pump unit (dryer) is suitable for the drying of:

*bedding in hotels,

*seafood, vegetable dehydration, AD black fungus, melon seeds, fruits and vegetables, meat products,  mushrooms, nuts, grains, noodles,

*mosquito coils, Gongxiang,tobacco leaves, leather,

*cloth, clothing, 

*fertilizers, medicines, Chinese medicinal materials,  pasture, 

*wood, seeds, sludge, gypsum, hardware products,

*metallurgical products, mining by-products, chemical products, flue gas desulfurization gypsum, paper products, clay, etc. 


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