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Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Chiller

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Industrial Water Chiller Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 3HP~50HP (scroll)

◆ Working Ambient Temperature: ordinary 4-25

◆ Refrigerant: R22, R410A, R407c, R404a, R134a

◆ Refrigerating medium: ethylene glycol solution or saline solution

◆ chilled water outlet temperature can be controlled below 0°C

◆ high EER; reliable performance

◆ low noise

◆ no need of a cooling tower and easy to install and control

◆ various choices and customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon industrial water chiller is widely used for:

*mold cooling in the plastic industry

*the cooling pool in the electroplating industry and the electronics industry

*various cooling of acid/alkali solutions in the medical and chemical industry

*cooling and constant temperature in the food storage industry

*mechanical and construction industry


Hicon industrial water chiller has:

◆ high quality scroll or piston compressors, electrical and refrigeration system components from well-known international brands

◆ microcomputer control, clear and easy operation procedures;

◆ stainless steel water tank is installed in the unit

◆ high-performance, high-flow special water pump;

◆ international brand fan with large air volume axial flow design, good heat exchange effect


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