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Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller

Wellcome industrial chiller series is another high-quality product developed and designed by the company based on the introduction of advanced design concepts by Bocaizhongchang. It is widely used in plastics.
Mold cooling in the rubber industry, electroplating cooling pool cooling in the electroplating industry, various cooling in the electronics industry, various cooling of acid, alkali and salt solutions in the chemical industry, various cooling in the fresh-keeping industry and
Constant temperature, various air-conditioning equipment, low-temperature units can apply ice storage, etc.-some low-temperature environments, the product uses imported high-quality refrigeration accessories, product performance is stable, reliable, can
High efficiency ratio, low noise, simple structure, beautiful appearance, small size, balanced and flexible installation are ideal choices for production.

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Industrial Chiller Details


◆The world's most advanced scroll or piston compressors, electrical appliances and refrigeration system original components are all world famous products.
◆Ethylene glycol solution or saline solution can be used as the refrigerant, and the outlet temperature of the frozen water can be controlled below 0C.
◆The unit has a wide environmental working range of -15 ~ 45C;
◆Unit streamlined and beautiful design. Microcomputer humanized control, operation procedures-at a glance;
◆The unit is equipped with a stainless steel water tank. High-performance, high-flow dedicated water pump;
◆Air-cooled condenser adopts imported fan and large air flow axial flow design, which has high heat exchange effect;
◆The air-cooled series does not need to be equipped with cooling pumps and water towers, and is easy to install.



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