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Industrial Oil Chiller

Industrial Oil Chiller

An appropriate temperature is an important factor for the operation of a machine. During the production process, if the fluid quality drops, the machine will be seriously affected, and its service life will be shortened; and even accidents could occur. To solve the problems, we designed industrial oil coolers. 

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Industrial Oil Chiller Details


◆ Cooling Capacity: 1.5kW-60kW

◆ Temperature Control Range: ordinary 15℃~55℃

◆ Refrigerant: R22

◆ no need of a cooling tower and easy to control

◆ reliable performance

◆ various choices and customized


Application Scenarios:

Hicon industrial fluid cooler is widely used for:

*CNC lathes, high-speed lathes,

*CNC machining centers, CNC grinders, broaching machines, milling machines

*hydraulic cooling machines

*woodworking engraving machines

*glass plants and various industries needing chilled water.


Hicon industrial oil chiller has:

◆ refrigeration system, fluid cooling system and automatic control system

◆ functions to prevent CNC machinery from affecting processing due to changes in oil temperature.

◆ functions to prevent oil shock and deterioration of oil quality, and keep the viscosity of lubricating oil unchanged to stabilize the spindle movement.

◆ normal refrigeration mode and differential temperature mode: a synchronization temperature control panel to keep the oil temperature synchronized with the room temperature to prevent thermal expansion and contraction of the mechanical structure.

◆ automatic troubleshooting system connected to the computer to inform the fault in time.


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