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oil cooling machine

oil cooling machine

The influence of temperature on the quality of production machinery is very important. The proper temperature is an important factor for the normal operation of the machine. During the production process, the deterioration of wet oil will seriously affect the surface accuracy and quality of the machined parts, and will shorten the machine's Service life and even production accidents. In order to solve the above problems, we designed and produced oil coolers to meet customer needs. Based on years of accumulated experience and advanced technology, we will give the most professional analysis and answers to customer needs.

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oil cooling machine Details

◆ R22 refrigerant is used, and it is cooled at ordinary room temperature.
◆ Prevent CNC machinery from affecting processing due to changes in oil temperature.
◆ Anti-oil shock, oil quality deterioration, and keep the viscosity of the lubricating oil unchanged to stabilize the spindle operation.
◆ The machine adopts the body synchronous temperature control panel to keep the oil temperature synchronized with the room temperature to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the mechanical structure.
◆ The machine is equipped with an automatic fault detection function, which can be connected to the computer to inform the CNC computer of the fault point in time to avoid damage to the machine.

◆ The design can be changed in this series of products according to the different requirements of users, and various accessories are available to meet the needs of different users. Applicable types: CNC lathes, high-speed lathes, CNC machining centers, CNC grinding machines, broaching machines, milling machines, hydraulic coolers, woodworking engraving machines.
◆ Refrigeration range: the cooling capacity is from 1.5KW-60kW, the temperature control range: common type 15 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, high temperature type 5 ℃ ~ 75 ℃.


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