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Tent air conditioner

Tent air conditioner

The tent air conditioner is a type of air conditioner that can be quickly installed and developed based on the purpose of mobility. Generally, it can be divided into integral type and split type.

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Tent air conditioner Details


◆ Reliable outdoor flow shock-resistant design, fast assembly of cables and waterways, easy maintenance of electric control and high reliability:.
◆ Mechanical electrical control, cable quick plug interface and waterway quick plug interface design:
◆ Anti-vibration treatment of tent air conditioner
Sheet metal profile welding frame;
. Compressor steel keel fixing;
◎ l IP56 electrical control box;
◎ The bottom frame is welded with keel reinforcement, and the accessories are fixed on the keel;
◎ Both the refrigerant pipeline and the water pipeline are reliably fixed; in order to ensure the severe test of pipeline safety when moving in the wild, meticulous resistance is adopted.
Shock processing.


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