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Portable tent air conditioner

Portable tent air conditioner

The tent air conditioner is an air conditioner that can be quickly installed and used based on fluidity. Generally, it can be divided into integral type and split type.

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Portable tent air conditioner Details


◆Reliable field mobile seismic design, fast assembly of cables and waterways, electronic control, easy maintenance and high reliability;

◆Mechanical electric control, cable quick plug interface and waterway quick plug interface design;

◆Tent air conditioning anti-vibration treatment

◎Sheet metal profile welding frame;

◎Reinforced keel for compressor fixation;

◎Protection grade IP56 electric control box;

◎The underframe is welded to strengthen the keel, and the accessories are fixed on the keel;

◎The refrigerant pipeline and the waterway pipeline are reliably fixed; in order to ensure the severe test of pipeline safety when moving in the field, meticulous anti-seismic processing is adopted.


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