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Data air conditioner unit

Data air conditioner unit

Wellcome machine room precision dedicated air conditioner uses advanced modular design. With high efficiency and energy saving, economic and durable, digital control, strong adaptability, easy maintenance and environmental protection. Particularly suitable for use in computer rooms, network centers, switch rooms, hospitals, museums and other highly demanding environments.

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Data air conditioner unit Details

◆ Cabinet
Reasonable structure, excellent materials and easy maintenance. Made of high-quality galvanized steel, the bottom layer is strictly phosphated, and the surface is painted with high-quality epoxy resin. The internal components of the equipment are arranged reasonably and neatly, the color and cross section of the wires are reasonable, the cables are arranged neatly, the connectors are firm, and the incoming and outgoing wires meet the needs of the project, and they have seismic measures.
Wellcome's constant temperature and humidity air conditioner in the computer room is designed for fire prevention, and the materials used are all flame retardant materials.
The product uses Copeland Copeland scroll compressors with a COP value greater than 3.5, which is highly efficient and low noise. It is resistant to liquid shock and high pressure and has a long service life. The high-efficiency and energy-saving scroll compressor is located outside the air flow, so that maintenance personnel can perform necessary maintenance on the refrigeration cycle without turning off the unit. The compressor is mounted on a rubber shock mount to reduce noise and vibration.
◆ Efficient evaporation coil
Efficient and high-quality evaporation coil, using high-quality materials and advanced production technology, long life and good stability.
Equipped with liquid solenoid valve, the unit adopts intelligent dehumidification method. Greatly reduce the energy consumption of traditional reheat humidity control methods. Unit operation is more stable and energy consumption is lower.
◆Stainless steel coiled heater
The air electric heater has a wide range of use: it can heat any gas, and the hot air produced will be dry without moisture, non-conductive, non-combustible, non-drying, non-chemically corrosive, non-polluting, safe and reliable, and the heated space will heat up quickly. . Durable, with a life of up to ten years under strict compliance with usage regulations. The air is clean and environmentally friendly.

◆Humidification system
Use electrode humidifier. It has the functions of rapid humidification, energy saving and automatic cleaning, which can be cleaned and replaced on site. The humidifier can be reused and used for a long time, and the operation and maintenance cost is low.
◆Expansion valve
Emerson's expansion valve control is precise and adjustable, which is reliable and efficient.
◆ Fan system
The forward curved multi-wing centrifugal double-suction impeller high-efficiency fan. The impeller has no dynamic vibration during long-term operation to ensure a high degree of air supply. The belt drive can flexibly change parameters such as unit air volume and external pressure. In order to match the actual project; the fan comes with a motor adjustment plate, which can easily adjust the belt tightness.


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