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Mushroom room air conditioner

Mushroom room air conditioner

Mushroom cultivation has very strict environmental requirements, including ventilation, humidity, temperature, light, pH, etc., which makes the growth of mushrooms have a certain seasonality, because good environmental quality is directly related to the growth of mushrooms. Therefore, our mushroom room air conditioner is to help the mushroom people in the mushroom indoor cultivation process, all-round simulation to provide the key environment needed in the mushroom growth process.

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Mushroom room air conditioner Details


◆The system can adjust the air temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration required by the mushroom room in various climates.

◆In the low temperature season, it is not suitable to use fresh air in the cultivation stage, the system can still cool down to meet the technological requirements.

◆High efficiency, energy saving, safe and reliable. The use of air as a source of cold and heat reduces operating costs. The design concept of high efficiency, stability, energy saving, environmental protection and worry-free, stable unit performance and economic operation.

◆Intelligent control, fault diagnosis. The air-conditioning unit is intelligently controlled by a microcomputer, with fault diagnosis and alarm functions, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.


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