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Laundry room air conditioner

Laundry room air conditioner

Hisurp laundry room air conditioner with full heat recovery of waste air recovers the waste heat and energy of the indoor environment to produce high-temperature hot water for laundry and other hot water, and at the same time cooling, dehumidification and air conditioning. The working principle is to recycle the heat from drying damp clothes and transfer it to the hot water for laundry, while air-conditioning, cooling and dehumidification.

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Laundry room air conditioner Details


◆ not affected by the weather, available all year round

◆ Heating efficiency 400%

◆ energy-saving and long service time over 15 years

◆ rust-proof and waterproof

◆ self-contained, modular and easy maintenance 

◆ space-saving


Application Scenarios:

*laundry rooms

*other rooms with hot and wet air and need hot water



Hisurp laundry air conditioner has:

◆ high-quality branded compressors (Panasonic, Daikin)

◆ water and electricity separation, high pressure protection, heat pump overheating and overload protection, water temperature ultra-high temperature protection, automatic reset control.

◆ intelligent fault alarm system to detect faults in time and protect the unit.

◆ automatic microcomputer control, hot water air conditioning, water supply, water replenishment fully automatic operation, 24 hours a day and ready to use.

◆ high-quality steel plate with electrostatic spray treatment.

◆ remote monitoring and control


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