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Laundry room air conditioner

Laundry room air conditioner

The high-temperature hot water machine series with full heat recovery of waste air source is a product specially developed for laundry rooms. It recovers the waste heat and energy of the indoor environment to produce high-temperature hot water for laundry and other domestic hot water, and at the same time realizes the integration of cooling, dehumidification and air conditioning. A large amount of energy is recovered and comprehensively recycled to overcome many problems such as high temperature and high humidity environments.

The working principle of a high-temperature hot water machine with full heat recovery from waste air source, in a nutshell, is to recycle the heat emitted from drying damp clothes and transfer it to the hot water for laundry, while realizing air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification. The working procedure can be roughly divided into two steps:

In the first step, the waste wet air flows through the evaporator, the temperature drops, and the air dehumidification function is realized; at the same time, the heat energy (latent heat and sensible heat) released during the air cooling process is absorbed by the refrigerant.

In the second step, the heat energy absorbed by the refrigerant passes through the compressor and the heat exchanger to heat the hot water used in the washing machine through the reverse Carnot cycle to realize the water heating function. Realize the comprehensive utilization of energy and form a new energy supply mode for the washing machine room.

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Laundry room air conditioner Details


◆Not affected by the environment, available all year round

The product runs around the clock all year round, and is not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain and snow.


Top-level safety water and electricity separation, high pressure protection, heat pump overheating and overload protection, water temperature ultra-high temperature protection, automatic reset control. Install an intelligent fault alarm system to detect faults in time and protect the unit.

◆Energy saving

The heating efficiency is as high as 400%, and the operating cost is 1/4 of the electric water heater, 1/3 of the gas water heater, and 1/2 of the fuel water heater.

◆Fully automatic control

Microcomputer central control mechatronics, hot water air conditioning, water supply, water replenishment fully automatic operation, 24 hours a day and ready to use.


The shell adopts high-quality steel plate electrostatic spray treatment, carefully manufactured, does not fade, can adapt to various harsh environmental conditions, rust-proof and waterproof. Joint venture brand compressors (Panasonic, Daikin), the product life span is more than 15 years.


The unit can be installed indoors in a high temperature and high humidity environment or outdoors (such as the roof, the ground, etc.) to realize remote monitoring, with a small footprint, simple installation, and no additional work room.

◆Simplified design and easy installation

The product is of integral type, modular free combination, and can be flexibly added according to user needs.


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