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Industrial chiller unit of waste acid recovery

Industrial chiller unit of waste acid recovery

In the process of steel pipe production, steel pipe manufacturers inevitably produce cleaning wastewater and waste acid due to process requirements. If the waste water and waste acid are directly discharged into the environment without treatment, it will cause serious environmental pollution and bad social impact; if traditional evaporation and concentration methods are used to treat waste acid or entrust a qualified third-party unit for recycling, Expenses remain high, increasing production and operating costs.

The waste acid recovery unit utilizes a new technology-frozen crystallization method to recover the waste acid produced in the production process of the enterprise. The freezing crystallization treatment of sulfuric acid pickling waste liquid is to separate the crystals of ferrous sulfate by controlling the crystallization conditions of ferrous sulfate from the waste liquid. To achieve the effect of purifying pickling waste liquid and recovering ferrous sulfate.

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Industrial chiller unit of waste acid recovery Details


◆The waste acid recovery unit is a low-temperature chiller specially designed and manufactured for the waste acid recovery production process. The unit has the advantages of reasonable design, advanced control, high efficiency, safe and reliable operation, long service life, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.

◆The unit is compact in structure, occupies less space, does not require a dedicated machine room, and is easy to install. The water-cooled chiller must be connected to the cooling tower and other cooling water circulation pumps and the chilled water pipeline system, and can be used after the power is turned on.


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