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Waste water heat recovery unit

Waste water heat recovery unit

The temperature of the wastewater after bathing is generally 30~35℃, and it will be directly discharged normally, which not only causes energy waste, but also causes environmental pollution. Waste water heat recovery unit is based on fully absorbing the design technology and manufacturing experience of other units, using the principle of heat pump, using waste hot water from bathing as the main heat source, and realizing the transfer of low-level heat energy to high-level heat energy through a small amount of high-level electrical energy input.


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Waste water heat recovery unit Details


◆ high EER >5.0, energy-saving

◆ defrosting in low temperature

◆ water source temp.: hot water 10-30°C, cool water below 5°C

◆ eco-friendly, can be used in parallel with heat sources such as solar energy

◆ easy maintenance and long service life


Application Scenarios:

Hisurp waste water heat recovery unit can be widely used in:

*schools, baths,  hotels, swimming pools, hotels,

*factories, slaughterhouses, etc.



Hisurp waste water heat recovery unit has:

◆unique design of the serpentine tube evaporator, making a uniform temperature field effect, with higher heat exchange efficiency.

◆microcomputer control. It has multiple control functions such as status display, parameter setting, energy control, and fault query.



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Ningbo Hicon Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional Waste water heat recovery unit manufacturers and China Waste water heat recovery unit suppliers, Established in 1972, HICON has entered the refrigeration industry for more than 40 years, is experienced and growing rapidly and firmly.With certifications in China 3C, ISO-9001 international quality system, ISO-14001 environmental management system, the European Union CE, and the United States UL, the company adheres to the principle of "Creating Value Beyond The Price" and has received favorable feedback domestically and abroad.
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Ningbo Hicon Industry Co.,Ltd

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