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Waste heat recovery chiller unit

Waste heat recovery chiller unit

The temperature of wastewater after bathing is generally 30 ~ 35 ℃, which will be directly discharged normally, which not only causes energy waste, but also causes environmental pollution. Wastewater heat recovery unit is based on fully absorbing the design technology and manufacturing experience of other units, using the principle of heat pump, taking bath waste hot water as the main heat source, and transferring a small amount of high-level electrical energy into the high-level thermal energy through a small amount of high-level electrical energy input. It is a special unit that saves energy and protects the environment from an innovative technology for making hot water. This series of waste water heat recovery unit has many advantages such as compact structure, environmental protection and energy saving, and intelligent control. This series of units can be widely used in schools, baths, residential slaughterhouses, hotels, swimming pools, hotels, factories and other continuous waste heat sources. Place.

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Waste heat recovery chiller unit Details

Product features:

◆ High efficiency and energy saving
The bath waste water heat recovery unit recovers the waste heat source after bathing to prepare domestic hot water. The temperature of the water body used is higher than the temperature of the ambient air. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of air-cooled heat pumps such as cold attenuation and defrosting when running at low temperatures.
◆ Deep heat recovery
The unit can extract waste heat in waste hot water at 10-30 ℃, and can also perform deep heat recovery in low temperature waste water below 5 ℃. Save a lot of energy and reduce the initial investment of equipment. · Evaporator design
The unique design of the serpentine tube evaporator makes it have a uniform temperature field effect and greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency. The heat exchanger tube of the evaporator is formed at one time without welding in the middle, with high corrosion resistance and long service life. At the same time, it is convenient for service and maintenance, and the maintenance cost is low.
◆ Green
Without any burning matter and emissions, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. It can be used in parallel with heat sources such as solar energy.
◆ High degree of intelligence
Designed with microcomputer control technology and humanized operation interface. With status display, parameter setting, energy control, fault inquiry and other control functions.


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