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The advantages of household central air conditioning


1. High degree of comfort: each indoor unit of central […]

1. High degree of comfort: each indoor unit of central air conditioner for household use has a supply air outlet and a return air outlet. The air circulation is more reasonable, the indoor temperature is more uniform, and the temperature state of ±1℃ can be maintained. The human body feels more natural and comfortable, especially It is a water system central air conditioner (price and brand of water system central air conditioner), and its comfort is very high; while traditional household wall-mounted machines and cabinets are prone to airflow dead angles, obvious indoor temperature differences, and air conditioning diseases.
2. Space-saving, highlighting the decoration grade: The household central air-conditioning indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling, avoiding the occupation of indoor space like a cabinet machine, and bringing more freedom to the furniture placement, such as placing the cabinet machine in the place A flower stand, etc.; in addition, the installation method of "hiding" as the beauty can be well integrated with the decoration, invisibly improving the room decoration effect and grade, while the pipeline lines of ordinary cabinets and wall hanging machines are exposed, which is very unsightly.
3. Low cost of use: The traditional split unit is greatly affected by changes in the indoor environment temperature. The fixed-frequency air-conditioning compressor starts and stops frequently and consumes a lot of power; while the central air-conditioning adopts DC frequency conversion technology and new refrigerant technology, each indoor unit can Separate control, open the room where cooling is needed, and the outdoor unit "outputs on demand", so that the compressor is always in the best working condition, and the power consumption is low. Moreover, the larger the room area, the more cost-effective it is to install central air conditioning.
4. Long life: The service life of household split air conditioners (wall-mounted and cabinet) is between 5-8 years, while the service life of household central air conditioners is between 15-20 years. Among them, Trane central air-conditioning water The service life of the system is 25 years. If it is a ground source heat pump central air conditioning system, the service life of the system is 50 years. Therefore, the service life of central air conditioners is at least twice that of household appliances.


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