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Correct use and maintenance of air conditioner


Many users only know how to use the air conditioner, bu […]

Many users only know how to use the air conditioner, but do not know how to maintain the air conditioner. In fact, the common air conditioner failures in daily life are caused by improper maintenance and operation of the air conditioner. Then how can the user realize the air conditioner in the process of using it? Can it cool down by skill, and can it be healthier and more comfortable during the use of air conditioners?
1. Reasonably adjust the indoor temperature. Studies have found that when the air temperature is around 25°C, human work efficiency is highest. When the summer temperature is between 23℃ and 28℃, more than 95% of people feel comfortable. The indoor temperature is too low, which is not only harmful to health, but also wastes energy. Therefore, attention should be paid to adjusting the temperature difference. Generally, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 8-10 degrees.
2. Do not smoke and use irritating air fresheners and irritating perfumes in the room. Office appliances that are prone to pollution such as photocopiers should be closed for use, and ventilation and purification devices should be installed.
3. People who live in air-conditioned rooms for a long time should go outdoors regularly, be exposed to the sun, breathe fresh air, do more exercise, drink more boiled water, and speed up metabolism in the body.
4. The staff should be careful not to sit near the exhaust hole of the central air conditioner, especially not to make the seat face the vent, because there is the only way for unclean air.
5. Open windows regularly for ventilation. It is best to open the windows for ventilation every day if conditions permit, especially when you just go to work in the morning, which can effectively reduce the concentration of various harmful substances entering the room through the ventilation ducts. At the same time, opening the windows for ventilation can also inject fresh air into the room, keeping a certain amount of fresh air indoors. Newly decorated and purchased new furniture rooms should pay more attention to ventilation.
Sixth, clean the filter frequently. Check and clean the filters of the central air conditioning in the office frequently, and clean and disinfect them in time. You can use a piece of tape to stick to the air conditioner port, and clean it in time when the dust on the upper surface is increased.
7. Install filter material. If conditions permit, you can add filter materials to the tuyere to improve the purification effect of the filter, and frequent cleaning and replacement.
8. Cooperate with an effective air purifier. Installing an air purifier in an air-conditioned room can improve the cleanliness of the indoor air, effectively reduce the harmful substances entering the indoor air through the air-conditioning duct, and improve the indoor air quality.
9. Add a purification and sterilization system to the central air-conditioning pipeline. On the one hand, it can effectively purify the air entering the pipe, and on the other hand, it can reduce the frequency of pipe cleaning, reducing cleaning costs and the impact on the working environment.
10. Reduce indoor heat generation
Air conditioners should reduce indoor heat generation during cooling, and move heating equipment and other heat sources outside as much as possible; curtains should be installed on windows in air-conditioned rooms, especially rooms exposed to the sun, and the room should be sealed as much as possible to reduce heat entering the room Opportunity to reduce energy consumption.
11. Unplug the power during the season
If you stop using it during the season, you should unplug the power supply and clean the machine. The outdoor unit should be covered with a hood. Check whether the ventilation duct is blocked before putting it back into use. If the sound of the machine is abnormal, please ask a professional for repair in time, and do not force it on Run to avoid damage to the machine.
12. Correctly adjust the wind direction and no smoking
When cooling, the air-conditioning sinks, and the wind direction should be horizontal; when heating, the hot air should rise, and the wind direction should be vertical downward, so as to obtain a uniform room temperature effect; in addition, it is best not to smoke in air-conditioned rooms. To reduce the quality of indoor air, it is best to choose an air conditioner that has the function of purifying air, and open the window to change the air after a long time operation.
13. In the daily air-conditioning operation, pay attention to protecting the heat sink of the condenser and evaporator. The radiating fins of the condenser and evaporator are made of 0.15mm aluminum sheet inserted into the copper tube and then expanded. It cannot withstand collisions. If the radiator is damaged, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner and reduce the cooling efficiency.
14. The air conditioner should not be switched on and off frequently. Since general air conditioners do not have a time delay for shutting down (the delay time is about 3 minutes), this type of air conditioner can be turned on immediately after shutting down, but it takes 3 minutes to operate, so frequent turning on and off will not only affect the air conditioner Performance, it consumes more power immediately after opening.


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