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How to reduce vibration and noise of split chiller


In actual applications, there are many occasions where […]

In actual applications, there are many occasions where the noise generated by the screw chiller refrigeration compressor exceeds the normal model. On the same day, some effective methods for reducing vibration and noise are introduced. From the research on noise and vibration of refrigeration compressors, there is very little research on noise source identification, noise and vibration dispersion, noise and vibration characteristics, and noise and vibration control. Beijing chiller has not yet formed a complete set of research in China. Thoughts and R&D systems are generally used to trick the noise test system into identifying the key locations of vibration and noise sources, and then adopt the method of vibration reduction and noise reduction. The following methods can also help the public to understand and deal with the problem as a whole to a large extent.
  1. The industrial chiller compressor site dynamic balance method reduces the power frequency vibration.
  2. Correct the coaxiality of the motor shaft and the main shaft of the compressor to reduce vibration.
  3. Replace flexible couplings with different ways to reduce noise from industrial chillers.
  4. Fasten parts, improve disassembly clearance, reduce bearing vibration, and reduce machine noise. The screw-type chiller refrigeration compressor in an oil field is running poorly and has problems.
   Regarding the running sound in this case, the main reason for the judgment is that the tightening bolts of the compressor are loose, the coupling between the compressor and the motor is poorly aligned, and the rotor is running poorly. By checking the tightness of the tightening bolts to reach the specified value, adjusting the coupling alignment, replacing the wearing parts, adjusting the disassembly clearance within the specified value range, the industrial chiller runs normally.


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