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The method of the chiller to deal with the odor


What is peculiar smell? It means that under the influen […]

What is peculiar smell? It means that under the influence of external factors, the chiller produces an abnormal smell through physical and chemical changes. There are generally several reasons for the odor of the chiller. You can refer to:
1. The chiller is poorly ventilated, and the temperature and humidity are too high, resulting in a large number of molds multiplying and producing a musty smell; 2. The circulating cooling water in the water tank of the chiller is not replaced in time, resulting in microbial fermentation; we understand the cause of the chiller’s odor, So how to solve it? First of all, the chiller needs to be placed in a ventilated position. Usually, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the chiller. In addition to paying attention to the purity of the water quality (using distilled water or pure water), the installation of a chiller filter can also reduce the odor.
The treatment method of chiller producing peculiar smell:
(1) The food that is refrigerated in the chiller must be inspected, and the food that has not deteriorated can be stored in the warehouse.
(2) It is usually necessary to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to dump and unload the goods to prevent the pipeline from being damaged and the refrigerant leaking out.
(3) During the cold processing of food, the chiller warehouse must be kept at a certain temperature, and frozen food must not be transferred or stored. If the temperature of the chiller warehouse cannot be lowered, the cause should be found, and food processing should be carried out after it is ruled out.
(4) The chiller warehouse must not have peculiar smell before purchasing. If there is peculiar smell, it must undergo technical treatment to eliminate the peculiar smell before use.


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