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Model and selection of chillers


According to the cooling method: it is divided into wat […]

According to the cooling method: it is divided into water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller, oil-cooled chiller and another Freon chiller. In fact, the Freon chiller cannot be used as a special category. Water-cooled chillers are mainly water-cooled chillers. This type of chiller is widely used. Super-power chillers, high-power chillers, medium-power chillers, and low-power chillers will all use water-cooled chillers because of their refrigeration. The method is more convenient and the efficiency is relatively high, so enterprises use this kind of chillers. At present, the chiller produced by our company has a warranty period of 1 year and a long service life. The air-cooled chiller is mainly an air-cooled chiller. Its main feature is its small size and no need to think about water resources. However, its service life is relatively short, and its cooling efficiency is not as good as that of a water-cooled chiller. It is not very convenient to use with water, and it is not suitable for the range of water cooling. Oil-cooled chillers are used very, very little, and will not be analyzed in detail here.
Divided by size: mainly based on the size of its cooling power, small and micro-power chillers are mainly chillers with less than five horses and more than 0.5 horses, basically air-cooled chillers, 5 horses and more than 5 horses It belongs to medium and high-power chillers, mainly water-cooled chillers, with sizes ranging from 5, 10, 15, and 20 to 120 hp. Of course, there are also super-power chillers that are 120 hp. Above, some to thousands of chillers, such chillers are used in more characteristic areas, generally centrifugal chillers.


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