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  • Summer air conditioning cleaning and maintenance skills

    The evaporator and rollers inside the air conditioner are the dirtiest. The editor talks about how to properly clean the air conditioner as follows:    1. Turn off the power socket first. It is best to unplug the socket directly. This is very important to avoid accidents of electric shock and leakag... read more

    Aug 22,2020 News
  • What is the difference between hospital air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners

    Ordinary air conditioners do not have a purifying function, but hospital purifying air conditioners can purify the air in addition to the function of adjusting the temperature. The return air filter of an ordinary air conditioner only serves to filter larger items like paper and leaves, and cannot p... read more

    Aug 14,2020 News
  • Is it feasible to install air conditioning in the kitchen?

    This question asked how many "home chefs" aspirations. Due to the particularity of the kitchen function, the kitchens of most room types are located in the corners of the home. The advantage of this location is that it can reduce the influence of oil fume and food taste on the living room and bedroo... read more

    Aug 08,2020 News
  • Correct use and maintenance of air conditioner

    Many users only know how to use the air conditioner, but do not know how to maintain the air conditioner. In fact, the common air conditioner failures in daily life are caused by improper maintenance and operation of the air conditioner. Then how can the user realize the air conditioner in the proce... read more

    Jul 31,2020 News
  • The solution to the central air conditioner not working

    1. Problem: power failure or blown fuse Answer: Check whether the power supply is cut off, whether the socket and plug are loose, repair the socket and replace the blown fuse. 2. Problem: The power supply voltage is too low Answer: When the power supply voltage is lower than 10% of the rated voltage... read more

    Jul 25,2020 News
  • Precautions for the use of central air conditioning DC inverter unit

    1. When in use, the total capacity of the indoor unit running at the same time shall not be greater than the capacity of the outdoor unit. Otherwise, it will cause insufficient cooling (heating) of each indoor unit. 2. Each indoor unit needs to install an air switch (or fuse) according to the capaci... read more

    Jul 17,2020 News
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