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The main features and advantages of single screw compressor


1. Long service life and high reliability. It has a lon […]

1. Long service life and high reliability.
It has a long service life (generally more than 25 years) based on the following reasons:
(a) The meshing between the screw rotor and the star wheel is compressed into metal and non-metal. The rotor material is a six-tooth steel coated aluminum protective layer, and the star wheel is an eleven-tooth 52-layer reinforced fiber composite reinforced material. A flexible zero-gap contact seal can be achieved.
(b) There are very few spare parts and wearing parts, only five main moving parts, one rotor, two star wheels, and two slide valves.
(c) Because the radial and axial forces of the rotor are completely balanced, the radial and axial thrust of the bearing is extremely small, and the bearing reliability is extremely high. The design life of the bearing is 100,000 hours, which is 3 to 5 times that of the twin screw.
(d) Use liquid spray instead of oil spray during operation, with better sealing, lubricating and cooling effects, low meshing resistance, and economical and effective lubrication. Oil-free lubrication method does not require complex oil circuit system, only a small amount of refrigeration oil is required, and the oil circuit is more concise than twin-screw.
(e) Inspection is required after 20,000 hours, and major maintenance is required after 30,000 to 40,000 hours. The star wheel can be disassembled separately for easy maintenance.
(f) Since the star wheel is in a flexible bearing state, the gap between it and the main rotor can be adjusted, so it is not sensitive to liquid shock and can run in wet stroke.
(g) The semi-closed single-screw motor is liquid-cooled to maintain a long-term cooling state and the motor has a long service life.
(h) Due to the balanced force on the rotor, the load on the shaft seal is extremely small and the service life is long, which is much longer than that of the shaft seal of the twin-screw compressor.
2. High efficiency.
(a) The "zero clearance" between the rotor and the star wheel reduces leakage loss and pressure loss to a great extent, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
(b) The semi-closed single-screw motor is liquid-cooled, and the motor efficiency is high.
3. Because the six-tooth rotor disperses and reduces the exhaust pulsation when meshing with the eleven-tooth star wheel, so that the exhaust is stable, and the alternating meshing effectively eliminates the sinusoidal sound, so the noise is low and sound insulation is easy. Generally, it is 0.8-5dB(A)(3ft) lower than the twin-screw of the same level.
4. The operation is extremely stable, and the vibration value is lower than 0.14Ips. Twin-screw compressors are significantly higher than this value.
5. It is easy to maintain on site, and the star wheel can be removed from the top or bottom for maintenance. Currently only CARRIER's 23XL series claims that its products are also easy to service.


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