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  • How about Denso refrigerators in China

       DENSO began selling refrigerators in China in 2004. With the advantages of high quality and low maintenance costs, it has reached a market share of 20% and has established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic refrigerated truck companies.    Denso Shanghai Technical Center... read more

    Jan 04,2022 News
  • What kinds of refrigerants are often used in refrigerators  

       When we use the freezer, we will never ignore its refrigerant, but there are many types of refrigerant, and you can choose the appropriate type when you use it. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of different refrigerants during operation? The following is a detailed analysis of this i... read more

    Dec 22,2021 News
  • Do you know the calculation method of the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator?

    Refrigerators are widely used in refrigeration systems. How to calculate the refrigeration capacity of the freezer? The method is as follows:   According to chemical thermodynamics, work is converted into heat (refrigerator), and its efficiency depends on the temperature difference between the cold ... read more

    Dec 13,2021 News
  • How to achieve low-cost operation of refrigerators

      Enterprise users who use refrigerators are more concerned about the cost of use. I believe that only by saving energy can the cost of enterprise use be effectively saved. In the process of operating the refrigerator, if the equipment has a serious failure, it will threaten the safety and stability... read more

    Dec 06,2021 News
  • Precautions for vacuum pumping and refrigerant filling of chiller

      The system must be evacuated after the air tightness test. The refrigerant pipeline should be pumped out twice. When the Beijing chiller is first pumped out, the compressor stop valve seems to be kept closed during the air-tightness test process; then open the compressor stop valve and the entire ... read more

    Dec 02,2021 News
  • What are the particularities in the selection of industrial chillers

    Since many customers do not know the equipment selection in the refrigeration industry very well, Beijing chillers have difficulties in describing the equipment required for certificate cooling. When customers purchase industrial chillers, they do not know which type of cold water performance to cho... read more

    Nov 22,2021 News
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