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  • How do different types of compressors work?

    Scroll compressors are volumetric compressors and are widely valued for their high efficiency, low noise, no residual volume, insensitivity to wet travel, and balanced operation. It works by means of two scroll disks in the upper part of the compressor. The center of the dynamic scroll is driven by ... read more

    Jan 16,2023 Industry News
  • How to maintain and repair the oil cooler?

    (1) Safety Repair before the following are confirmed: ① Unplug the power supply. ② The oil cooler should be removed from the machine and the main oil circuit ③ The repair should be carried out in a well-ventilated environment. (2) Shell No hard brush, polish, acid or chemical solvents such as benzen... read more

    Jan 09,2023 News
  • What are the operating precautions for oil coolers?

    (1) When the oil circuit is not connected to the oil tank, don't start running (otherwise, the oil pump will be damaged); (2) Prevent air from entering the system. Otherwise, there will be noise and low airflow. (3) When the oil pump starts, it must first run unloaded for 10~15 minutes; loading shou... read more

    Jan 03,2023 News
  • What should be noted when installing the industrial oil cooler?

    (1) The installation position should: ①The ground should be flat and firm. ②Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources. ③A low-humidity, well-ventilated environment with a working temperature under 45°C. ④Easy connection of power supply and oil pipe; ⑤Environment with less dust and oil mi... read more

    Dec 30,2022 News
  • What are the oil temperature control methods?

    (1) PID control (not standard) A system that controls the temperature of the cooling fluid by controlling the amount of electrically heated heat mixed with the amount of refrigeration, adjusting the amount of mixing, and using control of the refrigerant's freezing capacity. High precision (±0.2°C) t... read more

    Dec 23,2022 News
  • Charging of refrigerant in unitary air-cooled industrial air conditioner/chiller

    The unit has been charged with sufficient refrigerant before leaving the factory. However, when the cooling (heating) effect is poor during use, the refrigerant may need to be replenished. When charging, connect the gas receiver of the refrigerant cylinder to the low-pressure side charging valve. Be... read more

    Dec 15,2022 News
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