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  • Steps to clean the chiller

    1. Remove the parts. To clean the chiller, it must be disassembled first, because the parts you want to clean are not easy to see inside. The various components of the industrial chiller intersect with each other, and the lines are complicated and difficult to disassemble. It is necessary to underst... read more

    Aug 11,2022 News
  • How long does the chiller need to be cleaned?

    Generally, the normal operation of the chiller requires all inspection and maintenance after running for a period of time. For many companies, due to the indifference of maintenance awareness at ordinary times, after using the chiller for a long time, the chiller has not been effectively maintained.... read more

    Aug 04,2022 News
  • How to maintain the chiller

    1. When the chiller is suitable for installation, it is necessary to ensure that the power socket is in good contact and the bottom line is firmly grounded. 2. When the chiller is running, it is necessary to ensure that its working voltage is stable and normal. 3. The power frequency of the chiller ... read more

    Jul 29,2022 News
  • Model and selection of chillers

    According to the cooling method: it is divided into water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller, oil-cooled chiller and another Freon chiller. In fact, the Freon chiller cannot be used as a special category. Water-cooled chillers are mainly water-cooled chillers. This type of chiller is widely used. Su... read more

    Jul 21,2022 News
  • Operation of the cooling tower of the chiller

    We understand that the cooling water tower is an important part of the centralized air-conditioning system. The open-type counter-flow cooling water tower is widely used in the air-conditioning system of large public buildings, but there is a problem of low efficiency in the actual operation process... read more

    Jul 14,2022 News
  • What is the reason for the chiller not cooling

    Now the reasons why the chiller cannot be cooled are analyzed as follows: (1) The filter screen is blocked. When the filter screen is blocked, the dust on the condenser will accumulate more and more, which will affect the cooling effect of the refrigeration equipment. Over time, the refrigeration eq... read more

    Jul 07,2022 News
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