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  • How does the chiller make use of the waste heat in the plastics industry

    We know that in the production process of the product, the machine, mold and industrial response will continue to generate heat, but the temperature must have a boundary. When the temperature exceeds the acceptable range of the material, the product quality will not fluctuate. Take plastic products ... read more

    May 06,2021 News
  • Precautions for installing the chiller

       1. During installation, please check whether the machine is damaged, and choose a suitable place to facilitate installation and future maintenance.    2. The place where the unit is installed must be the floor, installation mat or foundation, whose levelness is within 6.4mm, and can bear the oper... read more

    Apr 25,2021 News
  • The problems encountered in the operation of the chiller and how to deal with them

            The reason why the chiller cannot refrigerate.   1. The filter is clogged. When the filter is clogged, the dust on the condenser will accumulate, which will affect the cooling effect of the refrigeration equipment over time. If things go on like this, it may even cause refrigeration equipmen... read more

    Apr 19,2021 News
  • Solutions to common system problems of air-cooled chillers

       Generally, after companies have used air-cooled chillers for a long time, they are prone to various failures due to the lack of necessary maintenance and maintenance. Faced with the occurrence of failures, companies need to conduct detailed inspections of the operating conditions of the various c... read more

    Apr 12,2021 News
  • What is the reason why the low pressure value of industrial chillers is generally high  

    In the application of industrial refrigeration, the chiller is used in conjunction with production and processing equipment, so it runs for a long time. If the customer lacks professional maintenance and routine equipment maintenance for the chiller in daily life, and less There is periodic replacem... read more

    Apr 06,2021 News
  • What should be paid attention to when using refrigerant in chiller

      The refrigerant is often used in the chiller refrigeration unit. The refrigerant is indispensable for the refrigeration cycle, and it is indispensable. It plays an important role in the entire chiller. Due to the different physical and chemical properties of various refrigerants, the use and stora... read more

    Mar 29,2021 News
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