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  • What is the principle of Hicon's waterless high-temperature air conditioning?

    The electromagnetic pump sends the condensate in the condensate tray to the waterless device. When the liquid level in it reaches a specified level, the electric heating is activated to remove the water. Thus the condensate is heated to boiling and then released into the air in the form of steam. Af... read more

    Oct 21,2022 News
  • Can high-temperature industrial air conditioners be used in a place where the temperature is relatively low?

    Any air conditioner has a working temperature range. If used in ordinary environments, it is not only unsafe for the unit itself but also causes waste. High-temperature industrial air conditioners are designed for high-temperature environments, so their compressors and heat exchangers are relatively... read more

    Oct 12,2022 News
  • Why can Hicon high-temperature industrial air conditioners withstand high temperatures?

    (1) High-temperature refrigerants such as R134a and R142b. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure of the refrigerant. At the same temperature, high-temperature refrigerants have a lower saturation pressure, which ensures that the refrigeration machines will not be subjected to the high ... read more

    Oct 08,2022 News
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an air-cooled condenser compared with a water-cooled one?

    Advantages: (1) It eliminates the need for a cooling water supply, which makes the whole unit easier to install and it causes lower costs. (2) Less pollution and corrosion to the condenser from the air. Easy to clean and there is no limescale. Disadvantages: (1) The condensing capacity of air-cooled... read more

    Sep 28,2022 News
  • Condensers

    Water-cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and evaporative (dripping water) condenser are three common types of condenser used in HVAC systems What is a water-cooled condenser? Water is the key media in water-cooled condensers to exchange heat with the refrigerant, causing it to condense. This wat... read more

    Sep 20,2022 News
  • The cooling principle of the chiller

    The operation of the chiller system is through three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system. Compressor: The compressor is the central component of all refrigeration systems and the source of power for refrigerant compr... read more

    Sep 14,2022 News
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